I am a photographer and develop my activity within the social photography, reportage and author.

I attended Ar.Co. photography school and later FLAG where I completed the Advanced Course in Photoshop.
Subsequently attended several Workshops and Masterclasses with various photographers, creatives and researchers in the field of general photography and Photoshop in particular, highlights of which, Katrin Eisamann, Lee Varis, Bill McCurry, Jerry Courvoisier, Roger Berg.

Collaborated as a photographer with McDonnald Portugal. Collaborated with the English Army, which was the Photo Editor of the magazine “Eurydice.” Also collaborated as a picture editor on the book “The Portuguese Army in East Timor.” In music CD’s Symphonic Band of the Army, “MúsicaPortuguesa” released in all FNACs of Portugal, was responsible for the ArtWork and visual production of the CD and its booklet.

As a photographer collaborated in magazines, “riding”, “Traveling in Portugal”, “Journal of the Army” and “Promusica”.

As a creative in Photoshop developed several works with companies suc as:
“MúsicaOeste”, “Map of the Sounds” and “Cardoso & Conception.”

Currently I develop my work in the field of photography studio and author with Studio own 100m2 equipped with digital technology.

Jorge Velez

Associate Member